TSATF – Zulu War Scenario

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Zulu War game using The Sword and the Flame colonial rules.

The game was to include a relief column and a besieged force but was cut down to just the relief column due to only having five players. There were 8 British infantry units, 1 cavalry unit, 4 guns and one Gatling gun against 20 Zulu units.The British stayed together, tripped the Zulu ambush with scouts and held their ground well until the last game turn. The Zulu commander choose to bring in all his units except two onto the British left flank.

Edit: More photos taken by one of the players have been added.

The final photo is after the final game turn when the Zulus finally break the British square. A typical TSATF game, the Zulu army is slaughtered but declares victory since they broke a square. The British would have reformed the next turn and what was left of the Zulu army would have been gutted.

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