1:144 Scale Armored Locomotive

Dragon recently released a 1/144 scale model kit (number 14151) with an armored locomotive (as well as other stuff which had been released more than a dozen years ago). The loco shell was modified to fit over a Bachmann Spectrum Consolidation and the tender shell to fit over a Graham Farish 3-axle tender chassis. Since the power pick-up on the GF tender did not match the one that came with the Bachmann, it was not connected. As a result, the loco does not run as well through turnouts as it originally did.

N guage 1854 Le bourbonnais locomotive

This diecast 1:160 scale model was modified to roll (unmotorized) on my N-gauge layout. Engine and tender wheels were replaced with Arnold and Micro-trains, respectively. The engine chassis required some modification, and the result is less than perfect. Both engine and tender have too much friction. The Kato motorized car can move it with enough voltage, but not reliably through points.
YouTube Video

Austro-Hungarian Armored Train

3D printed Austro-Hungarian armored train Type B PZ (see Paul Malmassari, “Armoured Trains, An Illustrated Encyclopedia 1825-2016”, ISBN 978-1-59114-607-0, page 37). The full train initially consisted of two artillery cars, two locomotives and one infantry car, ordered Art-Loco-Inf-Loco-Art. Cars of this type were subsequently part of the Polish armored train “Smialy” (see Janusz Magnuski, “Pociag Pancerny ‘SMIALY’, ISBN 83-85314-10-5)

The models are from Shapeways:



Printed in 1/160 scale with fixed wheels, the flanges are too fine to sit reliably on N-gauge track. I added small bits of styrene inside the wheels to create larger flanges. There is not space under the cars for any N-gauge wheel/axles I have.