Dr. Who

5 thoughts on “Dr. Who”

  1. Where did you find your Doctor Who minatures? I looked on Crooked Dice but no joy. Also if you know of a good place to buy age of sail gaming miniatures it would be appreciated. 🙂

    Mad Doc

    1. Mad Doc,

      My Daleks and most of the Cybermen are plastic models sold in a box set many decades ago. Three ‘leader’ Cybermen are lead figures from a RAFM line also sold long ago (at least in my time-line). I don’t remember where my 25mm TARDIS came from, but British police boxes have been made in several scales by British railroad model companies. I have one in N-scale I use with my 10mm figures.


      I recently purchased painted 4th Doctor, Leela and K9 figures at a convention, but I don’t know who made the castings. In short, I don’t know of a current source for 25mm Dr WHO figures.

      You might ask Noble Knight to let you know if any become available:

      I apologize for the lack of help.

  2. On the Age of Sail I’m specifically looking for: the Napoleonic War period especially (naturally) the British Fleet, Spanish, & French. Essentially late 18th & early 19th century.

    1. The Age of Sail ships on my blog belong to another member of the wargame group here. His ships are 1:1200 models from (I think) GHQ.

      In fact, most of the club games I post about use models that are not mine.

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