WWI N-scale Germany

Railway Guns

20.3 cm, scratchbuilt

17 cm ‘Samuel’, scratchbuilt


8.8 cm AA (converted Minifigs WWII 88s)

10.5 cm AA (converted Perrin WWII 88s)

Armoured Trains

Infantry wagon, Pfalz-Bavarian T3 (scratchbuilt on a Minitrix engine), 5.3 cm gun wagon


Wings of War DrI repaint
Flight stand contact info: CONEPIPE@aol.com (425) 478-2604

Halberstat Cl.IV (1:144 Sram resin kit)
Albatros D.III (1:144 Skytrex kit)
Folker D.VII (1:144 Skytrex kit)

German DrI, MicroMachines

German Albatross Va Wings of War repaints


German Albatross III (F-Toys) and Va (Wings of War)

DVII and DrI by Wings of War (repaints)

Roland CII by Wings of War

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