WWI N-Scale Germany

Railway Guns

20.3 cm, scratchbuilt

17 cm ‘Samuel’, scratchbuilt


8.8 cm AA (converted Minifigs WWII 88s)

10.5 cm AA (converted Perrin WWII 88s)

Armoured Trains

Infantry wagon, Pfalz-Bavarian T3 (scratchbuilt on a Minitrix engine), 5.3 cm gun wagon


Wings of War DrI repaint
Flight stand contact info: CONEPIPE@aol.com (425) 478-2604

Halberstat Cl.IV (1:144 Sram resin kit)
Albatros D.III (1:144 Skytrex kit)
Folker D.VII (1:144 Skytrex kit)

German DrI, MicroMachines

German Albatross Va Wings of War repaints


German Albatross III (F-Toys) and Va (Wings of War)

DVII and DrI by Wings of War (repaints)

Roland CII by Wings of War

2 thoughts on “WWI N-Scale Germany”

  1. Hi,
    First I’d like to congratulate you on all the very amazing work you’ve done! First class and an inspiration. Especially the German AC with the check and lozenge camo.

    How did you do that?

    Years ago when we played Canvas Eagles with our 1/72 AC. I once printed lozenge on tissue paper and then adhered that to the wings, worked but not great.

    Thanks, John

    1. The lozenge patterns were on the Wings of War planes when purchased. I just repainted some details or changed some decals. The light blue checkerboard pattern on the DVII was created from a blue pattern printed on clear decal paper and set over white paint.

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