Blue Max AAR

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a game of GDW’s Blue Max (first edition 1983) using 1/144 scale planes from the Wings of War series. The scenario was an Allied advance in the spring of 1918. A few rules were added to cover attacks on ground units and anti-aircraft fire. Five players (two German, three Allied) each flew one plane, and got a replacement if they were downed or left the table.

Both German and one Allied plane left the table damaged and low on fuel and were replaced. One S.E.5a exploded. We played 28 turns in about 3.25 hours.


Wings of War AAR

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Wings of War (aka Wings of Glory WWI) game. Two Bristol F.2B on a bombing mission are escorted by two Camels. The Germans intercept with two DVII and two DVa.


Additional photos:

The score at the end was one fighter lost on each side and the target bombed by one Bristol. The second Bristol was unable to overfly the target due to rudder damage.