Miniatures by type

TOS Federation Scouts and Destroyers, Lou Zocchi mostly
TOS Federation Heavy Cruisers, Lou Zocchi and Micro Machine
TOS Federation Dreadnoughts and Tugs, Lou Zocchi
TOS Federation various, ADB and FASA
TMP and TNG Federation, Micro Machine and FASA mostly
TOS Klingon escorts
TOS Klingon Battlecruisers, Lou Zocchi, Micro Machine, ADB, etc.
TOS Klingon Dreadnoughts, ADB
Klingon, FASA, except ADB Tug
TOS Romulan and Tholian, Lou Zocchi
K R T front
Gamescience K-type, R-type and T-type
Romulan Gorn Kzin Orion, ADB and FASA mostly
Lou Zocchi DD and DN using Gamescience decals

K’tingas from HeroClix Star Trek
More K’tingas from HeroClix Star Trek

Shapeways 1:3788 Scale Klingon C8B Dreadnoughts. White Strong & Flexible Polished on the left, Black Hi-Def Acrylate on the right.

HeroClix I.K.S. Amar, repainted

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