Column, Line and Square – Leipzig

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Napoleonic game using Column, Line and Square, Version 2. The scenario was an Allied attack on the French near Probstheyda, south of Leipzig, on 18 October 1813.


The Allied objective was to take both villages. The French objective was to drive the Allies from the field. When the game was ended due to time, neither side had achieved their objectives.

Fire and Fury AAR

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played an ACW game at the Dogs of War shop using the Fire and Fury rules. It was a test game to learn the rules in preparation for a campaign. Each side had three players, two commanding infantry divisions and one commanding a cavalry division. Each division had three brigades of randomly determined size. Each side also had four artillery units.

The battle was still about even when we ran out of time.

The Sword and the Flame AAR

This weekend (November 23, 2013) the local HMGS-South group played a 1879 Zulu War game at the Dogs of War shop using The Sword and the Flame colonial rules, Revision 1.

Date: June 1879, second invasion of Zululand

Location: Near Fort Newdigate, guarding the supply line of the main army advancing on Ulundi.

Situation: Supply columns had been attacked by Zulu raiding parties based in hilly terrain overlooking the track to Ulundi. A force was organized from the garrison of Fort Newdigate and ordered to clear the hills of Zulu. This force consisted of three platoons of infantry, one platoon of Naval Brigade rifles, a detachment of the 17th Lancers and one Gatling gun.

The Zulu force consisted of six units (mixed rifle and spear) hidden in rough terrain. Other Zulu units would arrive when firing could be heard from the battle.