WWI N-Scale Britain

Railway Guns

9.2 inch Mark 13 scratchbuilt

12 inch Mark 9 scratchbuilt
Graham Farish 0-6-0T locomotive


Mk IV (folded sponsons) by N-Centricities

British Mk IV, MicroMachines

Armoured Cars

Rolls Royce, Pendraken 10mm Miniatures

Armoured Trains

Scratchbuilt GWR Swindon Armoured Wagons, 2-6-4 (Kato), should be a GNR 0-6-2
Armoured Cars by Langton Miniatures (1:200)

Other Trains

War Department Cars by Graham Farish, Traction Engine by Scale Link
60 pdr Mk III and limber scratchbuilt

Graham Farish 0-6-0T and Shapeways 60cm Simplex with Z-scale wheels.



Camel (1:144 Skytrex kit), DH 4 (1:144 Mamoli kit)

Sopwith Camels, Wings of War repaints

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