Ancient Naval Warfare

Simple naval miniatures rules for fleet battles in the Diadochi (Alexandrian Successors) period.

Pdf file for Diadochi rules.

Draft (Revision 1.3) of simple naval miniatures rules for fleet battles in the Peloponnesian War.

Pdf file for Delos rules.

Models are by Navwar and Langton.

Squadrons entering battle area in line ahead (column).
Deploying into line abreast.
Flanking maneuver by the light ships of the red fleet.
Things get serious.


5 thoughts on “Ancient Naval Warfare”

  1. Ancient period has been neglected. I am more interested in the strategic situation.Working on rules to portray this period. Works pretty well so far.Have kept it simple by doing tactical stuff off map,the map portraying the fleets position .Combinations of six to ten miniatures are used for each fleets tactical combat. Will do period from Alexander up to late Roman republican navy

    1. The scratch-built ships were made decades ago. The hulls are carved balsa and the oars are sheet styrene scored by scraping with a saw blade and then chopped up to made a panel for each side. Those ships are fragile compared to the metal castings. If I wanted to try scratch-building today I would make a master from styrene bits and then make a mold for resin casting. My recent experience is that the molding and casting materials are so expensive that it is cheaper to buy the models.

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