WWI Naval Battle – Horn Reef, November 1914

The portions of the Grand and High Seas fleets that were not involved in the Kattegat battle had their own action at the same time. The British 1st and 4th Battle Squadrons, providing distant cover for the Kattegat force, are engaged by the newer German dreadnoughts steaming north from the Jade (Battle Squadron III and Scouting Group I).

Scale: 1/6000 miniatures, 500 yards/in ground scale.

Rules: Computer code in development.

Visibility 20,000 yards. Wind westerly at 12 knots. Seastate 3.

Status at the end of the game: Sk Horn status

Damage output file: SK-horn-hits

Plot of ship movements: First 35 minutes sk-plot-horn-1-35
Last 35 minutes sk-plot-horn-35-end


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