WWI Naval Battle – Aarhus Bugt, November 1914

This is the first of a series of hypothetical battles based on the implementation of the strategy suggested by Wolfgang Wegener (“The Naval Strategy of the World War“).

Having failed to defeat France in the campaign of 1914, the Germans invade Denmark as the first step to achieving a geographical position from which a naval war against Britain can be waged. To support the advance of the army north through the Jutland peninsula, the pre-dreadnought squadrons sortie from Kiel to bombard the southern defenses of Aarhus. British intelligence intercepts allow them to send the battle cruiser squadrons into the Kattegat in response.

After 50 minutes of maneuvering, the British established a favorable position to leeward blocking the German retreat. We called the game at that point since it was getting late. We expected many German ships to be destroyed, unless the British lost battlecruisers to magazine explosions. In any case, the German army would get no naval support at Aarhus.

Scale: 1/6000 miniatures, 500 yards/in ground scale.

Rules: Computer code in development.

Visibility 11,000 yards. Wind westerly at 14 knots. Seastate 3.

Status at the end of the game: Aarhus-status

Damage output file: Aarhus-output

Plot of ship movements: Aarhus-plot

Map: Aarhus 10NM grid

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