WWI Naval Battle – Mediterranean 1917

This fictional scenario was designed to test new destroyer/torpedo boat guide algorithms. For each fleet, two ships can be designated as guides. DD/TB units can then be ordered to take station on those guides instead of being given normal movement orders.

Visibility was 24,000 yards. Wind was north-westerly at 10 knots and the seastate was 2.

Status at the end of the game: Fr-US end status

Damage output summary: Output 19MAR2014

Plot: Fr-US plot

When we quit, damage to the battleships was about even, but the French armored cruisers and torpedo boats had suffered much more damage than those of the US. The small French TBs were sunk primarily by fire from the 5 inch guns of the US BBs. There were no successful torpedo attacks, but the US AC Montana was accidentally torpedoed by US DDs.

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