WWI Naval Battle – North Sea 1916

This fictional scenario was designed to test revised torpedo algorithms and also to experiment with several tactical concepts mentioned in Friedman, Naval Weapons of World War One, Chapter I:1, Gun Tactics. Fleets of 16 battleships (as envisioned by Plunkett) meet on opposite courses (addressed in Admiral Callaghan’s ‘Instructions for the Conduct of the Fleet in Action’ of October 1913). The order of battle assumes that the British and German battlecruisers and the British 5th Battle Squadron are engaged elsewhere. The 12in gunned British battleships were sent to cover Tershellling in the event the German fleet attempted to return to port by that route. The German pre-dreadnoughts were left in port. HMS Audacious was not lost in 1914.

Visibility was 11,000 to 12,000 yards, with the best visibility looking toward the east. Wind was westerly at 10 knots and the seastate was 3.

Status at the end of the game: IOt8a

Damage output summary: Output 5MAR2014


First 20 minutes: 1916 Plot 1-20

20 to 25 minutes: 1916 Plot 20-25

25 to 35 minutes: 1916 Plot 25-35

Complete 35 minute plot: 1916 Plot

Two British armoured cruisers and one light cruiser are sunk, but the German battleships take much more damage than the British. With the battle still in doubt, we had to call it a day.

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