Battle of Ziegenhagen

Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a game of Rapid Fire. The scenario was based on the action at Ziegenhagen on the River Ihna, February 8th, 1945.

The German force of 3 infantry platoons, 3 Tiger IIs, 2 Elephants, 5 Stugs and several Hummels faced a Soviet force of 3 JS-1s, 5 T-34/85s, 13 T-34/76s and several AT guns. Each T-34 carried a squad of desant infantry. The Soviet needed to gain undisputed control of one of the two Ihna River bridges.

The Soviet T-34s were reinforcements, with a random number arriving each turn. The Germans chose to send the Stugs and an infantry platoon by an unmapped  path  to the south bridge, with the possibility of a long delay.

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