Napoleonic Naval, Napoleonic Land and WWII Skirmish Games

Today the local HMGS-South group played three games at our regular monthly meet.

Game 1: Napoleonic (or should that be Nelsonian?) naval using Ship of the Line rules and 1/1200 scale miniatures. An Allied 3-decker is aground and must be protected from a British force of ships-of-the-line and frigates.

Game 2: Napoleon at War rules with 15mm figures. A battle of the little known Anglo-Austrian Unpleasantness of 1805.

Game 3: World War II skirmish using ‘Disposable Heroes & Coffin for Seven Brothers’ rules by Iron Ivan and 25mm figures. Three US paratroop squads (each of a rifle section and a BAR section) must eject two German squads (each of a rifle section and a LMG section) from the stone buildings. The action is near Turqueville, June 7, 1944.

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