Star Fleet Battles – Hydrans vs Lyrans

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Star Fleet Battles game.

The scenario is set in Year 170F. The Lyrans and Klingons have just captured the Hydran Capital. The surviving Hydran forces are in a disorganized retreat to the Old Colonies but secondary Lyran forces are in position to attack the retreating forces.
The Hydrans start with a Large Freighter at 0303 trying to cross the map to exit between 4201-4210. 
The Hydran guard force of a Traveller Light Cruiser, a Knight Destroyer and a Hunter Frigate can set up anywhere within 4 hexes of the freighter.  The guard force has already seen combat and the cruiser and destroyer start with 12 random damage each. The guard force has already lost all of its fighters and has not been resupplied. The guard force only has half of its transporter bombs.
A Hydran police ship Gendame has been following and reporting the location of the Lyran force and arrives as reinforcement Turn 2 near 1532 and at least 10 hexes from any Lyran ships. The Gendame does have its fighters.
The Lyran force  of a Light Cruiser, a War Destroyer, a Destroyer and a Frigate starts within 3 hexes of the 0132 corner. Being a secondary force it only has half of its transporter bombs. 
Victory conditions are standard (but the freighter is worth twice its economic value)

After two turns, the Lyrans have achieved victory by preventing the escape of the freighter.

Star Trek – Fleet Battle Game Play-test III

Another play-test of the Star Trek fleet battle rules. The rules have been revised based on the observations made during play:

  • The extra hits for Federation DNs and CAs (representing overloaded photon torpedoes) should not occur at medium game ranges, since the table size dictates that most of the game will be played at those ranges. The extra hits now only happen at ranges of 6 or less.
  • The random squadron activation can result in one side firing most or all ships first. This can be a decisive advantage. Other activation schemes are included and need to be tested.
  • The firing from crippled ships, particularly when several are close together, needs to be reduced. For simplicity, this revision eliminates such fire entirely.
  • The Klingon C7 Light Dreadnought now has an extra hit on a roll of ‘6’ up to 6 hexes range, and no longer has a weak rear shield.
  • No more than 3 ships are allowed to fire on a single target in an activation.

Revised rules (ST Fleet Battle Rules 12-23-2015).