Austro-Hungarian Armored Train

3D printed Austro-Hungarian armored train Type B PZ (see Paul Malmassari, “Armoured Trains, An Illustrated Encyclopedia 1825-2016”, ISBN 978-1-59114-607-0, page 37). The full train initially consisted of two artillery cars, two locomotives and one infantry car, ordered Art-Loco-Inf-Loco-Art. Cars of this type were subsequently part of the Polish armored train “Smialy” (see Janusz Magnuski, “Pociag Pancerny ‘SMIALY’, ISBN 83-85314-10-5)

The models are from Shapeways:

Printed in 1/160 scale with fixed wheels, the flanges are too fine to sit reliably on N-gauge track. I added small bits of styrene inside the wheels to create larger flanges. There is not space under the cars for any N-gauge wheel/axles I have.

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