Memories and Thoughts of an Old Warship Builder (WW1 Era)

Thanks to a link provided by a post in the NavWeaps Forum “Battleship Vs Battleship”, I was able to obtain a short document written by a WW1 era German warship design engineer, Hans Bürkner. It discusses his career and some of the technical choices made from about 1905 until the end of the war.

Since I can’t read much German, I used OCR software to convert the document to a text format, edited the German text to correct errors in recognizing the Gothic font, used Goggle translate to generate English text and edited the English text, as much as I was able, to use more common naval language. There are still some areas where I am uncertain of the meaning. The NavWeaps post linked above translates of some of the more important technical information, probably more accurately than I did.

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