Heroes of Normandie – Behind Utah Beach

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a game of Heroes of Normandie.

June 7, 1944 – behind Utah Beach. 

Baker Company of the 8th RCT, 4th Infantry Division is pushing inland to the town of St-Marie-du-Mont. However, the route to the town is blocked by the Germans of the 2nd Company, 919th Infantry Regiment. The Germans have placed a PAK 40 ATG to cover the road and dug in around a cluster of farm buildings. The PAK has already knocked out the leading M4 Sherman of Baker Company’s armor support. The scenario begins with Baker Company deployed for a full assault against the German positions.

This used the Attack/Defense scenario. The American point total was around 500, the German around 250 points.

No photos were taken due to the poor memory of the photographer.

We played 7 turns of the 8 turn scenario in about four hours. The Americans had not reached the objective bridge and had lost their light vehicles and some infantry. The Germans had lost about half their units and the outer defense line was gone.


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