Klingon Dreadnought Model Comparison

Amarillo Design Bureau is selling versions of their Star Trek miniatures via Shapeways. Two 1:3788 Scale Klingon C8B Dreadnoughts made with the cheapest and the most expensive available material are shown in these photos.

Cheapest: White Strong & Flexible Polished
Most expensive: Black Hi-Def Acrylate

Two early ADB models are shown for comparison. One is copyright 1979, the other is earlier, but the last date digit is not legible (c197?).

Many layers of paint and clear coat were applied to the White Strong & Flexible Polished model, and sanding was tried. The result was still not smooth, so decals were not attempted. Decals on the Black Hi-Def Acrylate are from Mark’s Models and Toys.


It appears that Hi-Def Acrylate is no longer an option for Amarillo Design Bureau models.

4 thoughts on “Klingon Dreadnought Model Comparison”

  1. Pretty sure the last digit is a 9, as the ADB/Task Force Games partnership wasn’t formed until ’79. The first Star Line 2200 minis I ever saw was early 1980. Now, just my opinion, but if you want detailed without breaking the bank, Frosted Ultra Detail is the way to go.

    1. Thanks. I agree about the date, but do wonder why ADB put out two versions of the ship in the same year. Perhaps they were not satisfied with the first one, which has thin warp nacelles and no detailing on the insides of the two aft nacelles.

      A possibility is that one was produced after 1979 but kept the old copyright date.

  2. Hello! Thank you for posting up this look, it is not often we get to see real example of ships printed off Shapeways. It appears you favored the black acrylate: I have a question regarding your experience with the material. I’ve read it is printed on “supports” which must be cut off. Apparently, sometimes shapeways does this, sometimes the model is sent still attached to it’s supports. What was you experience? If the model was not attached, was the underside in good condition, or did it show signs of were the supports were cut away?

    Thank you!

    1. There was an array of bumps on the underside of the acrylate model. I was able to sand them down without much trouble, although I could have done a better job. For gaming I don’t think they would be noticed. I should have taken a photo of them in the delivered condition.

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