Sudan – Gunboats and Dhows

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Sudan game using The Sword and the Flame colonial rules (20th Anniversary Edition) and the Gunboats and Dhows rules. Two river steamers manned by the Royal Navy were tasked with capturing two small Dhows docked on the Nile. Fortifications covered the approaches to the docks and additional Ansar troops arrived by boat. The boats used were made by Last Stand Dan.

The British captured one large and one small Dhow, sank a large Dhow and destroyed several Ansar forts. One British steamer was destroyed, but otherwise British casualties were light.


One thought on “Sudan – Gunboats and Dhows”

  1. Looks like another fun battle with TSATF, Last Stand Dan’s boats, and his Gunboat & Dhow rules . I like Bill’s gun positions and rifle pits as well.
    Sgt G

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