Bolt Action Marine Landing

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Bolt Action game. This was the largest Bolt Action game the group has played, with about 60 units. US Marines landed on a beach defended by the Imperial Japanese Army.

With two of three objective bunkers destroyed and the third under effective artillery fire, the game was ended after seven turns.


3 thoughts on “Bolt Action Marine Landing”

  1. Outstanding appearance to he game! Questions:
    1. You mentioned that you stopped after seven turns with most USMC objectives taken. With some 60 units would you have continued play into turn 8 or later?
    2. How do you prevent the extra players In the game from simply waiting around? Have you divided the game area into sub sections with their own bag of initiative dice?
    3. What scale are you playing in?

    Again this looks like a lovely job. Well done, sir, well done!


    1. 1. The closing time of the hobby shop we meet at would have prevented much more play even if the players had not had enough.
      2. There was only the usual single bag of dice. The players do have to wait while others move, but it has not been a big problem in the BA games.
      3. The figures are 28mm.
      In this case I was only a photographer, so I can’t take any credit for the miniatures or table.

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