WW1 Naval – Churchill’s Idea

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a World War One naval game based on this March 9th 1915 memo (item 121 Jellicoe Papers) from the 1st Lord of the Admiralty. The idea was to send a fast division into the Baltic Sea and, in cooperation with the Russian fleet, blockade German ports. The Germans send the ships that were in the Baltic for training exercises.

The confrontation occurs off Aarhus, Denmark: aarhus-10nm-grid

Status at the end of the game: io

Damage output file: chur-output

Plot of ship movements:
First 25 minutes: chur-plot-1-25
Last 25 minutes: chur-plot-25-50
Entire plot: chur-plot

Computer code (described here)

8 thoughts on “WW1 Naval – Churchill’s Idea”

  1. Hey i like your Blog, check out my Blog as well🙂, it is for a school project so please do leave criticism and comments,thanks ! i am also thinking about doing a post about Churchill, exploring events such as gallipoli and his role in tank development

    1. If you need references for Churchill, these may be of use:

      Geoffrey Penn, “Fisher, Churchill and the Dardanelles,” ISBN 0-85052-646-9
      Graham T. Clews, “Churchill’s Dilemma,” ISBN 978-0-313-38474-5
      Stephen Roskill, “Churchill and the Admirals,” ISBN 0-688-03364-4
      Richard Hough, “Former Naval Person, Churchill and the Wars at Sea,” ISBN 0-297-78706-3

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