Bolt Action – Leyte 1944

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Bolt Action game. It was loosely based on the efforts of the 1st Cavalry Division to secure Hill 215, southwest of Tacloban, Leyte on October 22, 1944. The setup used Scenario 3, Point Defense from the Bolt Action rule book.

At the end of the game the US had not taken any objectives.

Here is the perspective of one of the Japanese players:

“Good game today. Given another couple of turns the US Army would have take two objectives. The Japanese victory was the result of time and they happened to kill four US Army units, two by the 47mm pop gun and the other two by Jap infiltrators. Three Jap units were destroyed. I think the 47mm Jap AT is over rated but I guess it is so for game balance. We have had several games decided by time with Bolt Action so we may have to start closer to objectives, play more aggressively or throw out the time rule for our group. Looking at the minefield rules I think they are actually deadlier than we assumed BUT you could have continued movement if you survived which would have put your tanks closer. BTW the 3rd minefield was also on the road in front of your tanks.”


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