Bolt Action AAR – Normandy 8 June 1944

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Bolt Action game.

The U.S. 116th Regimental Combat Team (RCT) is pushing west along the coast after breaking out of the Omaha beachhead. The 116th RCT commander has ordered B Company to take the German coastal artillery position outside the village of Maisy. The German artillery is shelling Allied shipping off of Utah beach and has thus far proven impossible for Allied aircraft and naval guns to destroy.
The German positions are defended by elements of the 914th Grenadier Regiment and the remains of several Ost companies.

At the end of the game (eight or nine turns) the crossroads was mostly clear of German troops, but a German half-track remained and the minefield had not been cleared.

Additional photos by another club member:


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