WWI Naval – Gulf of Finland

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a WWI naval battle. In this hypothetical engagement, the Germans send a portion of the High Seas Fleet into the Gulf of Finland in an attempt to engage and destroy the Russian Baltic Fleet. The date is March 15, 1915. The scenario is similar to a previous test.

Scale: 1/6000 miniatures, 500 yards/in ground scale.

Rules: Computer code (described here).

Visibility 16,000 yards. Wind southerly at 8 knots. Seastate 2.

Status at the end of the game: Fin2-end-status

Damage output file: SK-Normal-Fin2-2016-1-23 excerpt.txt

Plot of ship movements:
All Fin2-plot-all
First 20 minutes Fin2-plot-1to20
20 minutes to 40 minutes Fin2-plot-20to40
40 minutes to end Fin2-plot-40toend

We quit at this point due to time. The damage was relatively even. The Russian destroyers and torpedo boats and the German light cruisers did most of the fighting. One dreadnought had been sunk on each side.

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