Bolt Action AAR: Bieville – Bienville June 1944

This weekend the local HMGS-South group played a Bolt Action game.

South of Sword Beach, June 8, 1944.

The British 1 / Suffolk Regiment is advancing south toward Caen following the D Day landings. The next objective for the regiment is the twin villages of Bieville – Bienville. The 1st Platoon of ‘B’ Company is making a flanking attack against the German defenses on the outskirts of the villages. Once the defenses are overcome, the remainder of the regiment can attack the villages.

The German 736 Regiment of the 716th Division is trying to form a solid defensive line in front of Caen. The 3rd company of the regiment has been tasked with holding Bieville – Bienville. The 2nd Platoon has dug into hasty defensive positions on the outskirts of Bieville – Bienville to delay the British advance.

Although one of the three objectives was cleared of defending infantry, it was not taken by the British. A clear German victory.

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