WWI Naval Battle – Dogger Bank

This Dogger Bank scenario starts at 7:20 am January 24th, 1915, just after the initial contacts.

Scale: 1/6000 miniatures, 500 yards/in ground scale.

Rules: Computer code in development.

Visibility 22,000 yards. Wind east by north at 10 knots. Seastate 1.

Status at the end of the game: dogger-status

Damage output file: Dogger-out

Plot of ship movements:
First 40 minutes Dogger-plot-1-40 
Last 35 minutes Dogger-plot-40-end

Rather than trying to escape to the southeast, the Germans decide to fight it out. [It would not be much of a game otherwise.] They maneuver to close the range while keeping their guns bearing and avoiding smoke obstruction. Although the gunnery duel is about even, the larger force of British cruisers and destroyers would probably prevent the heavily damaged German battle cruisers from reaching port.

3 thoughts on “WWI Naval Battle – Dogger Bank”

  1. “This Dogger Bank scenario starts at 7:20 am January 24th, 1914, just after the initial contacts.”

    A WWI naval battle several months before the outbreak of WWI?

  2. Nice looking game – I’m planning to run an ancient naval game at our next convention in May here in the Pacific NW. I plan to use the Diodochi rules for it.

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