WWI Naval Battle – Italians vs French

In another non-historical scenario, the Italians decide the Central Powers will be the winning side. The Italian fleet sails out to challenge the French fleet.

Visibility was 24,000 yards. Wind was north-westerly at 16 knots and the seastate was 3.

Status at the end of the game: Italia final status

Damage output summary (part 1): Damage part 1

Damage output summary (part 2): Damage part 2

Plot (part 1): Italia plot 1st part

Plot (part 2): Italia plot 2nd part


The volume of fire of the four Cavour and Duilio class ships was about 50% greater than that of the four Courbet class ships (13 gun vs 10 gun broadsides and a slightly higher rate of fire). The longer range French torpedoes might have evened the odds, but the attacks were stopped or evaded. A decisive victory for Italy and a good test of the code.

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