WWI Naval Battle – Fehmarn Belt, Part I

In this fictional battle using the WWI naval game program, the Russian Baltic fleet sails to attack Kiel in August 1914. The Germans scrape together their Baltic forces and meet the Russians in the Fehmarn Belt, in the 10 Nautical mile gap between Fehmarn Island and Lolland Island.

The ships involved were based on Nafziger Collection OBs 914NXAD, 914NIAB, 914NXAA and on this site.

Status at the start of the game: IOstart

Plot of the battle so far: Fehmarn plot part 1

The maneuvering took a lot of time, as did our discussions of torpedo tactics and game algorithms, so we had to stop just as the shooting started to become effective. Since the program saves the game data each turn, the battle can be continued from any point at the next opportunity.

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