WWI Naval Battle – Scandinavian Convoy

In this fictional battle using the WWI naval game program, the fastest units of the High Seas Fleet are sent north to intercept a Scandinavian convoy. The convoy is escorted by the US dreadnoughts serving as the 6th Battle Squadron of the Grand Fleet. Historically, the British had begun escorting these convoys with battleship divisions detached from the Grand Fleet in January 1918. The 6th Battle Squadron sailed to perform this duty for the first time on February 6, 1918 (Jones, “U.S. Battleship Operations In World War I”, Chapter 2).

Status after 50 minutes: Skagerrak-201 end norway

Plot of entire battle: sk-plot-norway

Damage output summary: Norway output 2-5-2014

With the Grand Fleet approaching, the German units have to withdraw. The Markgraf has a maximum speed of 16 knots and will probably be scuttled to avoid capture. New York and Wyoming are so badly damaged that making port will be difficult.

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