WWI Naval – 1/6000 Scale French Fleet and US Battleships

1/6000 scale WWI ships by Figurehead miniatures.

5 Responses to “WWI Naval – 1/6000 Scale French Fleet and US Battleships”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    These look great. I have painted up some British Armored Cruisers and waiting on their German opponents. What rules are you using for them.

    • ncc1717 Says:

      I use a computer code written in the OpenOffice (a free open source office suite) macro language (a version of BASIC). The code handles ship stats, movement, combat and damage.

  2. Steve H Says:

    Looks great. I do spreadsheet programming too. Any chance of getting a copy of yours?

  3. jony663 Says:

    Looks great as always. What do you use for the names of the ships. My label maker does not look as good.

    • ncc1717 Says:

      Thanks. The labels are made using a word processor (OpenOffice), white text on a blue-green background. They are printed on plain paper with an inkjet, then glued to the bases using Matte Medium. The text does not look very white because the ink runs a bit when the Matte Medium soaks in. A laser jet printer would be better.

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