WW2 Market-Garden Blitzkrieg Commander Game

On Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a WW2 Market-Garden game using Blitzkrieg Commander at the Dogs of War shop. In this semi-historical scenario, two battalions of the 502nd Paratroop Infantry Regiment attempt to hold off the 107th Panzer Brigade untill the arrival of a Coldstream Guards armored force.

Two paratroop battalions dropped on the north-south road and moved to occupy the towns to the north-east and south. A German security company and two platoons of flak units defended the two northern towns. The security company was eventually overwhelmed and the north-east town taken.

On turn 5, German tanks and panzer grenadiers entered from the east and occupied the woods, covering both roads heading north. The panzer grenadiers assaulted the north-east town. The attack was stopped at the edge of town by a combination of mortar fire and bazookas.

On turn 9 British tanks and armored infantry entered from the south and raced north to relieve the airborne troops. Since Blitzkrieg Commander uses die rolls for orders, ‘racing’ can be very fast or very slow. The force moving up the east side of the table made good rolls and got into action against a flank guard of PzIVs and Stugs.

The game was ended due to time constraints with the Germans still in a strong defensive position.

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