Black Powder Austro-Prussian 1866 AAR

Black Powder game using TFP (Total Fighting Power) Games counters from ‘Clash of Empires’, Austro-Prussian War of 1866. The scenario was a cooperative game with each player leading a Prussian division of two infantry brigades and divisional cavalry, artillery and jager units. The Austrian forces were controlled by a combination of programmed responses, die rolls and free kriegspiel.

Scenario Rosters

TFP range and movement sticks

[Below] The Prussians advance in the center, but the flank brigades are slow to move. The red cards are unrevealed Austrian brigades.

Two Prussian cavalry regiments destroy an Austrian infantry battalion (top of photo) while near the town an Austrian cavalry brigade rides down a Prussian jager battalion. In the foreground, A Prussian brigade lines up for a firefight with Austrian infantry and artillery. The flank brigade still lags behind.

Several missing turns here, during which Austrian infantry counterattack in column and crush two Prussian infantry battalions. The right flank Prussian brigade finally moves up and the Austrians are forced back. One Austrian cavalry brigade in the center has been eliminated and the second belatedly attacks.

The second Austrian cavalry brigade has some success, but is flanked and outnumbered. The Austrian right wing is collapsing under the fire of a well organized infantry line.

Not able to concentrate their remaining unbroken brigades, the Austrians retire, honor intact.

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