6mm WSS Allied Cavalry

English Queen’s Regiment of Horse (a.k.a. Lumley’s, and which would eventually become the KDG) and Franconian Bayreuth Kurrassiere. Baccus 6mm War of Spanish Succession figures for use with Black Powder rules by Warlord Games.

A line of gabions protects an artillery unit.

4 thoughts on “6mm WSS Allied Cavalry”

  1. I must complement you on your painting. Saying these are as good as I paint 10mm isn’t much of a compliment, but they are half the size (actually Baccus- 75%!) of what I do.

    1. My 10mm WWI are on 1mm sheet styrene. The tile would be cheaper and have most of the same characteristics otherwise. I particularly like the idea of mounting paper counters on the adhesive side. I have made a lot of cardboard counters for miniature games and the separation of paper layers has been a problem. I usually had to ‘paint’ the edges with wood glue.

      For my 6mm WSS, with many of my units and my opponent’s French units already on 1/8 inch bases, I don’t want to switch.

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