6mm WSS Imperial Troops

More Imperial units and a few brigade command stands. Baccus 6mm War of Spanish Succession figures for use with Black Powder rules by Warlord Games. Thanks to warflag.com for the flag templates.

A converged grenadier unit with a battalion color is (to use DNA’s words) ‘apocryphal if not wildly inaccurate.’

Black Powder ACW

Another attempt to reuse old game pieces: TFP (Total Fighting Power) Games counters for American Civil War (the original game was called ‘Iron and Fire‘) used with Black Powder rules by Warlord Games. The TFP brigade organizations (3 infantry regiments and an artillery battery, 4 infantry regiments or 3 cavalry regiments) with some Union artillery attached at division level work well with BP.

The Union attempt to ‘get there firstest with the mostest‘ failed due to bad command rolls.