Bolt Action Game, Eastern Front

Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a game of Bolt Action at the  Dogs of War shop. The scenario was Soviets vs Germans in Byelorussia, July 1944. The Soviet 168th Rifle Division is advancing toward the key city of Lida in Byelorussia when they run into a roadblock centered on a small village. The roadblock is manned by elements of the German 211th Infantry Division.


Gutshot Game – Geronimo Campaign of 1886

Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a game of Gutshot, set during the campaign to capture Geronimo in 1886. The Apaches need to break through the cavalry units to escape.

SAGA Dark Age AAR Vikings, Normans, Saxons

On Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a dark age skirmish game using SAGA rules at the Dogs of War shop. This four-way game pitted the Normans defending a village against two Viking and one Saxon warbands intent on loot. There were also individual objectives (or grudges) for the warbands and a few strange characters in the village who could influence play.

The surviving Viking warlord retreats off the table with his captive, avoiding the oncoming Normans. We called the game at this point due to time constraints. The intact Saxon and almost intact Norman bands could still dispute the village.

Gutshot Game – Tombstone Arizona 1881

Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a game of Gutshot, with additional role-playing elements, at the Dogs of War shop.

The game was set in Tombstone Arizona in the days leading up to the Gunfight at the OK Corral. Three factions (the Earps, the Clantons and the Cowboys) contest control of the town’s business (mostly illicit) in order to raise cash. The two leading factions will shoot it out at the OK Corral to determine the winner.

In this game the Earps made a bit of money on bets, but were otherwise law-abiding and fell behind financially. The Clantons and the Cowboys tried shaking down the local merchants in a protection racket, but were not making much. Johnny Ringo got shot by an irate merchant, which did not help his reputation. The Clantons did well in the entertainment business and stage coach robbery.  The Cowboys ambushed some local bandits and cleaned up betting against one of their own in a boxing match. The final shootout was won by the Clantons, although both McLaurys died (a historical result).

Western Gunfight and WWII Skirmish

Today the local HMGS-South group played two games at the Dogs of War shop.

Game 1: The Dalton Gang’s raid on Coffeyville, October 5, 1892 was fought using 25mm rules, western terrain and miniatures by Rob of Real-Terrain (

Game 2: World War II skirmish using ‘Disposable Heroes & Coffin for Seven Brothers’ rules by Iron Ivan and 25mm figures. Three US infantry squads and one paratroop squad (each of a rifle section and a BAR section) must eject two German squads (each of a rifle section and a LMG section) from the stone buildings. The action is near Turqueville, June 7, 1944. This was a revised version of the scenario played in January.